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Arthur, English biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1865-1940. See: Harden-Young ester.
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In addition, BASF offers a broad portfolio of binders, light stabilizers and formulation additives for 2K PU coatings that can be perfectly combined with Basonat hardeners.
g]s of epoxy resin samples cured by hardeners containing less than 60% lignin were examined.
The zeta potential of both the AEH dispersions and waterborne hardeners was measured with a Zetasizer NANO ZS instrument from Malvern Instruments Ltd.
The epoxy base, winter and standard hardeners are classified by the Department of Transportation as non-regulated and non-corrosive, minimizing shipping issues for hazardous materials.
Optical micrographs of compositions were acquired using a Leica DMR microscope (Linkam, UK), to investigate the EB dispersion in different stages of the hardeners preparation.
Electroslag processing of the vanadium-containing NTMK slag (hereinafter ShVd-1) was investigated for the purpose of high-efficiency technology development for production of vanadium-containing hardeners.
With certain sands, changing the type of sand, the type of binder, or the ratio of hardener to binder may be necessary to achieve satisfactory results with the reclaimed sand.
No solvents like toluene or hardeners like formaldehyde are in these tiny bottles, making the polish appropriate for even children, pregnant women and people with allergies.
Bisphenol-A resins went up 5[cent]/lb; solid solution epoxies (600 series), up 6[cent]/lb; solid epoxies (600 series) and liquid resins (300 series), up 10[cent]/lb; epoxy blends, up 8[cent]/lb; hardeners (50 and 80 series), up 10[cent]; epoxy glycol resins (700 series), up 5[cent]; D.
Its products include hardeners, coatings, structural composites, adhesives, and other products for use in the aerospace, electronics, and other industries.
Wet fingernail hardeners and polishes also proved to be big emitters.
Individual products analysed are base coats, undercoats, hardeners, thickeners and clear coats.