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Arthur, English biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1865-1940. See: Harden-Young ester.
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Once hardened off, your plants should be ready to go outside around mid to late May.
Those tot plants, hardened off and ready to face the real world, will find themselves at the top of the menu for slugs and snails which are at their most active at this time of year.
Plant out hardened off tender and half-hardy fuchsias into beds, borders and containers.
BEDDING plants that have been in the greenhouse (or warm area of the garden centre) need to be hardened off or acclimatised before being placed outside full-time.
And with the worst of the frosts now behind us, Sue says it is safe to begin transferring even tender plants outside for good once they have been hardened off.
For this reason tender plants bought from garden centres at this time of year should carry a health warning because those with very fresh, soft, young growth are unlikely to have been hardened off, a process that takes a couple of weeks.
Continue potting up rooted cuttings of chrysanthemums and plant out well rooted plants once they have been hardened off in a cold frame