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But to a hard-headed pro-European, the economic risks were too great to be politically sustained and would have set back the pro-European cause for a generation.
The hard-headed "realists" in the Jewish community don't wish to address these truths.
Over ten years have passed since I first stepped onto MSU's campus, and I wish I knew then what I know now--maybe I wouldn't have been so hard-headed.
Ozawa has been working hard since April to bring the party together by downplaying his previous hard-headed, go-it-alone image.
His intellectual heroes are George Kennan, the statesman who coined the policy of containment, and Reinhold Niebuhr, the theologian who reconciled moral principles with the hard-headed interests of real-politik.
Sandpiper is a hard-headed teen who has been defined by her sexual promiscuity.
He's not playing hard-to-get; he's just hard-headed.
In the fashion of a hard-headed American billionaire he has weighed up the pros and cons and decided the deal is one he can't miss.
He must navigate a daily paper that, while devoting acres of space and gallons of words to the arts, has also begun to favor softly styled features over hard-headed reviews and to specialize in woozy news stories written by reporters hardly in command of their subject or in touch with their sources.
Trainer Richard Mandella said: "She's very hard-headed.
They blame such ideas in large part for the refusal of hard-headed pragmatists to take seriously the power of nonviolence to bring down oppressors.
Twenty years ago such work as Dr Kildea's might have found ready publication--things less substantial did--but at present, a hard-headed commercialism and stress on fashionable subjects (of which religion is certainly not one) rules.