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An impact-resistant helmet worn to protect the skull against falling material(s) or against low ceilings
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Alongside the rating is a list of standards to which the product conforms and the industry vertical markets where that specific hard hat is typically used.
For the growing number of developers familiar with Trolltech's popular toolkit, MontaVista delivers Qt/Embedded for HHL, a package designed and tested to work with Hard Hat Linux.
Illingworth-Kilgust Mechanical employees are joined by thousands of other EMCOR employees coast-to-coast who are also wearing Pink Hard Hats during October at hundreds of work sites ranging from hospitals to roadways, and from malls and high tech companies to universities.
By developing a hard hat sourced from sugar, we are effectively reducing the overall carbon footprint associated with the life-cycle of this product," says Global Director of Strategic Marketing Eric Beck.
Adding a sun-smart sensor to our H-800 series full brim hard hats helps provide an easily observable indication of when it's time to take the hard hat out of service due to UV light overexposure.
The first systems using MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux are operational today in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, and many additional systems have already been shipped and will be commissioned later this year.
1 for Hard Hat Linux by MontaVista is available today for use with x86/IA-32, and PowerPC microprocessor architectures.
Volvo Construction Equipment has commissioned head and face protection experts Peltor to develop an exclusive Volvo hard hat as part of its ongoing Safety Challenge 2006 initiative.
IF THE work on Broadgate is not finished in time for the Olympic events, or even this year, it will not be the fault of the man in the blue turbanwith the hard hat on top.
26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MSA (NYSE: MSA), the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people's health and safety, and the largest producer of industrial hard hats in North America, has developed the world's first "green" protective hard hat manufactured from sugarcane.
JSP s significant investments in R&D and manufacturing have yielded market-leading hard hat designs, especially the Mk8 EvolutionA helmet, which is the only industrial helmet in the world that meets and exceeds the stringent EN14052 standard.
At EMCOR the majority of our field employees wear a hard hat on a daily basis for personal protection, and we are proud of their commitment to wear a Pink Hard Hat during this important month to help create visibility day in and day out of the disease that affects so many lives and the action that can be taken to protect oneself from it.