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hard disk drive,

n the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, which provides the largest amount of storage for the computer.
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SGOS' HTTP virus screening tool can quarantine such web-borne spyware executables to the EdgeForce integrated hard drive.
Because PDM proactively monitors the health of all hard drives in the system, it activates before a drive fails and migrates data to a known healthy drive.
Some clients may prefer software overwrites to physical destruction, because they want to sell the hard drive.
You can get software that will do multiple overwrites of the hard drive with different characters, and usually this would be good enough.
This year, Hitachi's 1TB hard drive uses the company's research into perpendicular storage to push hard drive technology to an impressive new threshold at a reasonable price," commented Glenn Derene, senior technology editor at Popular Mechanics.
In fact, some predict that solid state storage or Flash memory--like the thumbnail-size SD card you probably use in your digital camera-will match and then pass magnetic hard drives in value and performance.
Today, the hard drive industry's ability to push out the superparamagnetic limit is more critical than ever as capacity requirements continue to grow dramatically.
5-inch hard drive segment, Hitachi has been working to grow the market and seed acceptance among users.
Leveraging Hitachi's R&D efforts, we've developed AVSM technology to be complimentary to our hard drive solutions -- to help address the quality and performance issues that are faced by STB OEMs and content service providers.
But not any hard drive can be put into a portable handheld device.
QuickRestore simplifies the data recovery process by allowing users to recover data as a result of hard drive failure or accidental deletion by simply clicking on the "Restore" button.
Not a Jolly Occasion - British comedian Dom Joly, presenter and co-creator of Trigger Happy TV, dropped his laptop, damaging a hard drive that held five thousand photos, six thousand songs, half a book he was writing and all of his old newspaper columns.