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Slang A popular term referring to zealous enthusiasm for performing a particular task or activity—e.g., ‘scope-happy’, referring to an endoscopist who uses an endoscope seemingly before exercising clinical judgement, or ‘trigger-happy’, for an aggressive surgeon
Vox populi Cheerful


A popular adjective referring to a zealous inclination to perform a particular task or activity, eg, trigger-happy.

Patient discussion about happy

Q. Happy Holidays Happy holidays to those of you who are celebrating it this year!

A. Fatman, Irus, and everyone in iMedix.com,
I wish you all the best and warm wishes for this christmas and may all the blessings follow our days in welcoming the upcoming new year.

Stay healthy always..

Q. what makes someone happy what is love?

A. Happiness has to do with how grateful a person is, how much meaning they find in their lives and how much joy they get from being of service. It has nothing to do with money once one has been fed and is warm and dry.

Love is temporary insanity; that is, falling in love. True love, selfless love, is truely an act of egolessness and is our natural state.

Q. Is bipolar is like swiping moods that come and go? one time you are happy things are bright and clear and suddenly you are all complicated with your self and with your surrounding and you are moody and depressed ? is sudden change of mind is the correct definition to a Bipolar Disorder or i did get it all wrong ?

A. good question! most people don't know that Bipolar disorder is not just mood swings that come and go every now and then (if it was - my wife should be diagnosed as bipolar:)) ). it is consisted of long episodes of mania or depression. an episode can be a month or even 6.

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I loved Duncan to bits and he was a happy-go-lucky lad who was as daft as a brush.
On a high: Sally Hawkins is Poppy in Mike Leigh's film Happy-Go-Lucky.
He worked right to the bitter end, and made a particular point of thanking hospital staff after the first private screening last year of what was to be his final film with Mike Leigh, Happy-Go-Lucky.
A Mr Kipling spokesman said: "It's surprising to see that Newcastle folk are the unhappiest in the UK as they are renowned for being happy-go-lucky and enjoying life to the full.
Happy-Go-Lucky is a lifeaffirming delight, guaranteed to cheer you up if you're feeling down.
Mr Marples, a former warehouse manager, was described by his friend Geoffrey Thackray as a happy-go-lucky character who would do anything for his mates.
Speaking in the wake of his death, his 24-year-old sister Kelly said: 'Everyone in the Bargoed area will have known Dean, always a happy-go-lucky man, polite to everyone and full of life.
He was a lovely happy-go-lucky boy - always so polite and he always spoke to you.
It's hard to believe but our favourite happy-go-lucky popsters Supergrass have been around for a decade.
James Mulligan was a happy-go-lucky pensioner who would do anything for his family and friends.
Fancy Free returned to the repertoire, and with Corella (or a happy-go-lucky Joaquin de Luz), Ethan Stiefel, and Jose Manuel Carreno as sailors on the town, it looked more alive than ever.