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Lacking any coherent system, organization, or objective; not to be confused with random or chaotic.
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Just at the sheer haphazardness of this lottery we call life - just at the thought that I am to survive completely unscathed - and that she is not.
The haphazardness of this legacy may itself perhaps reflect upon the nature of places.
Lee Carsley was now breaking things up in midfield, the game not as flowing as a result of the experienced campaigner and the haphazardness of rookie referee Garry Sutton.
Their more abstruse theme is the haphazardness involved in creation.
They argued that income redistribution is always more efficiently accomplished through the tax-and-transfer system, even if the contracting-around and haphazardness issues are placed aside.
Maybe it's the idiosyncratic assortment of material, a haphazardness that doesn't square with the expected behaviors of bureaucracy and institution.
It should perhaps be said from the outset that, although the articles assembled in this volume were first presented as lectures in a conference, this volume does not suffer from the haphazardness that often plagues conference proceedings.
Likewise, the qualitative methodology does not imply subjectivity or haphazardness of analytic observations, but validity of observations is ensured through the systematicness, replicability and detailed nature of the analytic procedures.
The failure provides source material for a meditation on the haphazardness of the creative process.
sense of the arbitrary--of the equality, or equal haphazardness, of all
Even the numerous Abstract Pictures, whose modernism broke the tranquil thread of representation running through the show with scrapings in which flaunted haphazardness barely conceals the skillful control of superimpositions of color, could have been illuminated by certain passages of Atlas.