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Lacking any coherent system, organization, or objective; not to be confused with random or chaotic.
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The thoughts of [5], [6] have been as of late connected to mystery enter era in remote frameworks, where secure regular haphazardness is achieved by misusing corresponding properties of remote channels or other helper arbitrary sources in the physical layer [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16].
That's one of the things I love about the haphazardness of my choices--different films mean a lot to different people.
Thus, the suffering, haphazardness, and concern surrounding chemical weapons led to "a special strain of public fear and loathing that prompted the collective action embodied in the 1925 [Geneva] protocol, observes Ben Heineman, Jr.
The present day imagination of Pakistan brings up images of fuss and haphazardness.
is also a rejoinder to the haphazardness or horizontal-equity critique
From dorm furniture to college notebooks, things get beat up and broken down amidst the haphazardness of dorm life.
In the bigger dairy farms it becomes a source of confusion for the nutritionist to manage its energy levels thus effecting the nutrition of other normal animals and leading to nutritional haphazardness in the farm.
7) Attracted by its elegance, beauty, and simplicity, science exhibited for him a "constant movement" in the "direction of ordering the endless variety and the seeming haphazardness of ordinary life by discovering underlying principles," which become formulated more rigorously.
137) Rather than repeating the haphazardness of capital sentencing law, we should think more systematically at the outset about how to allocate sentencing authority.
It] is not his best book, but in considering it we should remember the young person, probably not a reader of the New York Times, to whom its haphazardness, its occasional pointlessness and above all its difficulty keeping a straight face will come as sweet, sweet relief.
The process of dispersing the protest in itself bore testimony to the professionalism of the state and the haphazardness of the Muslim Brotherhood.
When the challenge grows bigger than the moral size, the haphazardness takes hold of man.