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Lacking any coherent system, organization, or objective; not to be confused with random or chaotic.
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He added that the new forms ensure that drug replacements are not carried out haphazardly.
The cars are parked haphazardly and there is no respect for traffic rules.
Daniel Traub (who is Yeh's son) is nicely crafted if a bit haphazardly structured, and should make a particularly viable pickup item for artscasters.
In a statement Mottahidoon said "During the recent period the government recently intensified haphazardly charges without evidence against certain Arab countries, especially of the Gulf and accused of interfering in the security file as well as of being behind the deterioration faced by Iraq in an attempt to justify the collapse of security.
and terrorized citizens by tossing bombs haphazardly into buildings.
It does not mean that the investors can take their investment overseas haphazardly.
Just the type of coach the 14 players haphazardly signed by Di Canio this summer need to boost their confidence then, eh?
Summary: The dangerous consequences of parking haphazardly in front of mosques are being highlighted as part of a new awareness campaign launched by the Sharjah Police.
In many cases even earthing is missing or done haphazardly.
The fire could be ascribable to heaps of paper and garbage inside the premises as the major cause, possibly because someone who was inside the building had haphazardly thrown a cigarette stub.
And while a safari should be an adventure in every sense of the word, it is not to be taken lightly or embarked upon haphazardly.
They produce jittering wedges of off-kilter surf pop that slide haphazardly between bright melody and caterwauling guitar and keys.