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Lacking any coherent system, organization, or objective; not to be confused with random or chaotic.
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Other responsibilities were haphazardly paid or not paid, i.
The whole project is so haphazardly researched and edited that Manso even describes one of gay Provincetown's drugs of choice as "GBH.
THERE continues to be only one thing more embarrassing than a forward-thinking company having no internet presence, and that is being associated with a website that is poorly designed or haphazardly maintained.
Plan now which plants go where, rather than placing them haphazardly as you grow or buy them.
Small arms were found piled up haphazardly in one room, while bazookas, anti-aircraft guns and a variety of other firearms were stocked in other rooms.
That was back in the days when Title IX was only haphazardly enforced.
The reader is treated to a bird's eye view of a fragmented Europe, a patchwork of various dynasties and types of rule that were haphazardly inching their way towards more centralized forms of government, not so much by design as by dynastic accident, propelled by the necessities of war that demanded increased taxation and burgeoning bureaucracies to handle the creep of government.
Good thing, since the current version's summary haphazardly invokes a number of highly serious issues to no avail.
In another gallery, a bizarre sort of threshing machine continued its fruitless work next to a wall sculpture that consisted of open books haphazardly pasted onto a canvas.
As I had suggested at my initial job interview, I was a haphazardly observant Jew, more interested in tradition (the food
With their system, packs are prevented from ripping haphazardly on opening, and the contents are no longer spilt on the floor.