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July 2, 4 days from pounds 239 Join this summer tour to Norfolk at a time when the scent of lavender hangs heavy in the air and butterflies dance above fields of bright purple flowers.
The shadow of civil swords hangs heavy over the fear of uncivil words.
She's another woman who feels she's living the wrong life, and the oppressiveness of it all hangs heavy in the air.
Some seemingly basic information is omitted: Although the image of AIDS hangs heavy on these pages, Kooden never addresses the issue of how men who were disabled before protease inhibitors and are now healthy can find the strength to cross that emotional and physical barrier and return to work at middle age.
The past hangs heavy on our hands: filmmakers still flock for locations to South Coast resorts, as though such places - Worthing, Brighton, Hastings, with their demotic piers and promenades, their Art Deco sun shelters and marina cafes - retained in their history a truer British spirit than does the world of today.
Mumbai The dancing peacocks of Morachi Chincholi village near Pune continue to beckon Mumbai and Pune residents wanting to get away from the urban chaos that hangs heavy over their cities during the monsoon.
I recommend this part of the restaurant because the smell of grilled salmon hangs heavy on the air inside ( the hotel needs to get its ventilation right), and moreover, you may be tempted to practise putting at the mini golf course or, if you're so inclined, eye the women in stringy bikinis at the pool.
JOHN WARD insists the burden of expectation hangs heavy on his Carlisle side ahead of tonight's Coca-Cola League One play-off semi-final second-leg clash with Leeds.
THE stench of hypocrisy still hangs heavy in the air (Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel, Channel 4, Wednesday).
The roses are out, petals dew-dappled, the lilac hangs heavy, the honeysuckle lures bees and my old pear tree is in blossom, promising its harvest to my neighbours.