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Application of hands in a trained manner to parts of a patient's body to decrease the frequency of abnormal patterns of movement, improve muscle tone, and increase the occurrence of automatic normal movement.
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Mechanical conveying equipment for handling bulk materials from large lumps' to fine powders.
Recyclers and contractors should also consider the weight per cubic yard of the material they will be handling when choosing a bucket, says Pratt.
and Jim Reynolds, DVM and author of several handling guides, with the Veterinary Medicine Research and Teaching Center, University of California-Davis in Fresno, Calif.
The problem of aircraft handling exists because aircraft controls are counterintuitive.
Material type, size and density are among the primary considerations when selecting material handling equipment such as skid steers and wheel loaders.
The mold handling system is designed so that after the molds are produced and pushed onto the conveyor, weights and jackets are automatically placed on the molds.
Some basic rules for handling tape cartridges include:
Administrative safeguards ensure that day-to-day operations regarding the handling of private patient data is documented, managed and controlled.
Safe handling measures protect employee health and avoid the costly clean-up of a substantial spill.
No longer does stock coating and cooling need to be a highly manual operation with extensive relocation and handling of material to perform required secondary tasks.
Those interests included many leadership positions with the Material Handling Industry.
Less successful, however, has been their adaptability to safe and relatively easy handling by staff.