handle roll

han·dle roll

(han'dĕl rōl)
Act of turning the instrument handle slightly between the thumb and index finger to readapt the working-end to the next segment of the tooth.
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The SLC Series can handle roll diameters up to 60 in.
Macro's new surface winders typically handle roll diam.
Plus, FOX IV's 'soft touch' media control can handle roll or fanfold label supplies.
The collective Silver pinstripe theme runs through the wood and a satin chrome handle rolls the door with ease.
It has a web width of 100mm-330mm and can handle rolls of media up to 400mm diameter.
And we are able to apply these coatings on an industrial scale, with coaters such as in below picture able to handle rolls with widths up to 1,6 meter, and diameters up to 0,8 meter.
The product line can handle rolls up to 32 "in diameter, up to 96" in length and weights up to 1,000 pounds.
HYGIENE: Server didn't wear gloves to handle rolls.
Capco roll grinding machines come in three sizes: small (RG series), which handle rolls up to 2000 lb with up to 20" swing and 144" center distance; medium (TT) with 14" through 24" swing and 144" center distance for handling rolls up to 4000 lb; and large (SG) with 30" swing up to 72" center distance and 5 metric ton in size.
I have never seen a safer way to handle rolls in a paper mill or in my shop testing facility.
In the stock configurations, they can handle rolls up to 32" in diameter, up to 96" in length and weights up to 1000 lbs.
The company's slitters and rewinders feature a line guide and can handle rolls up to 65 inches wide, with an unwind diameter up 72 inches wide.