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Emergency medicine A shackle consisting of an unpadded metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs; soft restraints are widely preferred
Law enforcement Restraint devices designed to secure an individual's wrists close together
Sexology A shackle, designed à la law enforcement which has currency as a sex toy. Law enforcement handcuffs are not interchangeable with bondage handcuffs, as they may cause compression neuropathy
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Now, I tell ye what, Tom," said Haley, as he came up to the wagon, and threw in the handcuffs, "I mean to start fa'r with ye, as I gen'ally do with my niggers; and I'll tell ye now, to begin with, you treat me fa'r, and I'll treat you fa'r; I an't never hard on my niggers.
What he says is quite correct,' observed Blathers, nodding his head in a confirmatory way, and playing carelessly with the handcuffs, as if they were a pair of castanets.
Blathers, putting down his wine-glass, and clinking the handcuffs together.
I have a vivid recollection of that instant, of Holmes' triumphant expression and the ring of his voice, of the cabman's dazed, savage face, as he glared at the glittering handcuffs, which had appeared as if by magic upon his wrists.
South Wales Fire and Rescue Service received a call from a woman who could not get a handcuff off her wrist on Wednesday at about 2.
AUNIQUE handcuff seminar is to be staged in Birmingham - run by a bodyguard to the stars who wants EVERY adult in Britain to carry a pair.
The prisoner would have the handcuff locked round one hand and then a piece of metal would be placed into two holes either side to hold the handcuffs securely on the wrist.
To benchs query, he replied during his meeting with concerned authorities of NAB, he had realized their intention to handcuff his client.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Larson Electronics began shipping a patented non-metallic handcuff key that can be used to unlock any pair of handcuffs.
36) While it may appear minimally intrusive to law enforcement to detain and possibly handcuff an individual, to the individual detained, intrusions on personal freedom are quite meaningful and thus may be subjected to later judicial scrutiny.
In any case, the whole handcuff show continued with journalist Mehmet Baransu, who was cuffed while at the courthouse.