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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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Can you bake your own hamburger buns without a spiffy hamburger bun pan?
It's hard to know what most people think of Wonder Made With Whole Grain White Hamburger Buns.
Mr Dixon previously owned one of Britain's biggest bakers of hamburger buns, before selling out in 1988.
Serve on white hamburger buns and top with North Carolina coleslaw.
Jiggling like tiny, dimpled hamburger buns made of jelly, raindrops rapidly change shape as they fall.
The following is required: 1) wheat sandwich bread 2) wheat dinner roll 3) wheat french bread 4) wheat 4" hamburger bun 5) wheat hot dog bun 6) wheat 6" steak roll or hoagie bun sliced.
25) that was unusual in the fact that a hamburger bun was used to form a mushy, soak-up bed under the burger meat topped with chili and beans.
The full-pound burger ($11) made of fresh ground beef, turkey or a vegetarian version can be ordered on a regular hamburger bun, honey wheat bun or English muffin.
INGREDIENTS 2 x large beef burgers; 4 cheese slices; 2 slices pimientos; 1 hamburger bun (or floured bap); large dollop mayonnaise; lettuce leaves; gherkins, sliced
You don't want to think about what tuna salad on a hamburger bun looks like five hours after assembly.