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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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It's hard to know what most people think of Wonder Made With Whole Grain White Hamburger Buns.
Mr Dixon previously owned one of Britain's biggest bakers of hamburger buns, before selling out in 1988.
Whether it is the new Original Hawaiian Sweet Hamburger Buns and Hot Dog Buns, fan favorite Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Original Hawaiian Sweet Sandwich Buns or Mini-Sub Rolls -- KING'S HAWAIIAN products will make every tailgater's slider, sandwich, grilled sausage, hot dog and hamburger a winner.
Serve on white hamburger buns and top with North Carolina coleslaw.
Jiggling like tiny, dimpled hamburger buns made of jelly, raindrops rapidly change shape as they fall.
Meanwhile, toast the hamburger bun and spread mayonnaise evenly across the top and bottom.
So now it's back to the original version - a breaded, fried filet sandwiched between a slice of American cheese and a dollop of tartar sauce, all in a hamburger bun.
Warman kept ordering hot chili here on a hamburger bun with a touch of bean juice added.
Another version of this bread, shaped like a hamburger bun, is called a ``Margarita.
Her solution at places such as Burger King: A hamburger bun.
The Inside-Outer - American favorite grilled cheese sandwich, but grilled "inside out" on a hamburger bun and served with tomato soup