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In discussing pubic hairlessness, Trager (2006)noted that showing pubic hair while wearing a bathing suit is considered an "extreme fashion faux pas" (p.
The societal shift towards pubic hairlessness may be influenced by the current pornography industry as it complies with demands for more explicit visual images.
That being said, our results do offer preliminary evidence of men's overall preference for female pubic hairlessness that is congruent with cultural trends concerning both the prevalence of both pubic hair removal among (especially younger) women and the display of bare pubic regions by pornographic models and actresses (Schick et al.
For those invested in the eradication of "evil" hair, electrolysis provided a superlative plan of attack: because the charged needle cauterized the hair-producing follicle, the technique was far more likely to effect lasting hairlessness than other available techniques of removal.
36) Increasingly stringent norms of feminine hairlessness caused great anguish for many women, and physicians routinely reported women who suffered physical illness, self-imposed seclusion, and suicidal urges as a result of unwanted hair.
The research reveals the parameters for a veritable "bodily praxis" whereby the individual seeks to reassert his or her self by way of skin-orientated bodily regimes, likely drawing on millennia-old associations between hairlessness and heightened social status.
Glabrousness is Next to Godliness: A Historical Context of Cultivated Hairlessness
Perhaps an area of hairlessness just big enough for a nicotine replacement patch would comfort Ai Ai, a 27-year-old chimpanzee living on a safari park in China's Shaanxi province, who was forced to quit smoking cold turkey, if the gentle readers will permit mixed animal imagery.
Hairlessness became a sexually attractive trait, so it was passed down through the generations.
When David Beckham shaved his head, we all knew his hair could grow back, and there were few jokes about his temporary hairlessness.
But before you scoff at this stupidity, remember that hairlessness is still held up as an example of female beauty: never more so, in these days of Brazilian bikini waxes, for example.
In time, hairlessness became a sexually attractive trait, ensuring that it was passed down through the generations.