hair transplant

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hair trans·plant

autografts of punch biopsies of hair-bearing skin, such as occipital scalp, onto frontal scalp in male pattern alopecia.
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According to him ARTAS is the first hair transplant robotic system in Beirut.
15, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center located in Palm Beach County, Florida (http://www.
Every three men suffers from hair loss while one in every five women suffers from hair loss and hair thinning, said Anisa Vrabac, Head of Hair Transplant Department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic and the Resident Aesthetics and Anti-aging consultant at the clinic.
Men with this problem usually resort to hair transplant to avoid total baldness.
THE ex cricketer said having a hair transplant to rejuvenate his locks was not a "big deal" and he was happy to harness new technology to boost his barnet.
The 27-year-old footie ace had previously - in 2010 - gone to the London's Harley Street Hair Clinic for his hair transplant, the Sun reported.
Hair transplant expert Dr Melike Kulahci, based in Istanbul, Turkey, sees patients from all over the world and admits she was surprised that 30 per cent of the GCC patients who seek her help are women.
Bauman has authored several textbook chapters on Eyelash Transplant surgery, and is widely known for pioneering minimally-invasive hair transplant surgery as the first ABHRS-certified surgeon to routinely use NeoGraft for no-scalpel/no-stitch, no-linear-scar Follicular Unit Extraction procedures.
This blooming trend is so common that one noted reconstructive and cosmetic specialist said plastic surgery and hair transplant for teens "is becoming mainstream".
The 3G FUE hair transplant process involves taking individual hairs from the back of the head, where the hair is strong and plentiful, and replanting them in the thinning area to restore the natural looking, fuller head of hair.
According to poor Calum, he needed the hair transplant so he could finally find a girlfriend.
BALDING Wayne Rooney needs a second hair transplant because his first was too soon, says an expert.