hair covering

hair covering,

n a part of an overall contamination-limiting strategy; hair should be pulled back from the shoulders and face. Longer hair may be completely concealed beneath a cap made from an approved material.
References in classic literature ?
Colbert, an ugly, dark-browed man, but intelligent enough, his hair covering his forehead, a large, heavy, full head; the mortal enemy of M.
I wanted to explore the world that's why I came to the UAE," said 21-year-old boatman Dinesh, with twinkling eyes, stained teeth and an unruly mop of hair covering his forehead.
At first I do not see her, but then I notice a short, thin woman sitting in the corner, her head bowed with long, wavy blond hair covering her face.
At least the wind gave her some dignity in death, her long, dark hair covering her face as she lay face down on the back seat.
When the young people filled the streets, not caring how they dressed or if they had hair covering, things really changed in Iran," Nasserchian said.
The instructions for the photographs said there should be no hair covering any part of the face.
As for the pubic hair covering the vagina, she said it has a purpose that's why it shouldn't be permanently shaved.
After Ishant Sharma's deadly spell that won him the man-of-the-match award, a tweet showing his hair covering his face at the point of delivery said: "Sharma's image should now be used more to scare kids rather than inspire them to become fast bowlers.
At Montego Bay's annual Reggae Sumfest concert in July, he paced the stage in a black trenchcoat, looking like a Jamaican Glenn Danzig, his hair covering his eyes.
In another close-up shot, the brunette beauty is facing the camera with her arms and hair covering her chest to protect her modesty, the Daily mail reported.
According to Exodus 26:13, the 30-cubit wide goats' hair covering would have to fully cover the resulting framework along its width.
According to Turkey's Economic and Social Studies Foundation, some 60% of women wear some form of hair covering.