Relating to homeopathy as taught by Hahnemann.
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The same author reported that the decimal, centesimal or fifty millesimal Hahnemannian dilution orders show different biological effects; however, they are not directly correlated due to their magnitude.
The treatments were constituted using high dilution preparations with the following dynamizations: 6, 12, and 30 CH (centesimal Hahnemannian dilution order), 35 K (centesimal Korsakovian dilution order), and 5 LM (fifty millesimal Hahnemannian dilution order).
After obtaining the 3 CH trit, deconcentration proceeded in a liquid medium with succussion up to the desired potency for the different studied methods: the centesimal Hahnemannian (CH), the fifty millesimal Hahnemannian (LM) and the Korsakovian (K) method.
The preparation methodology of the centesimal Hahnemannian high dilution, 30 CH, among the evaluated preparations, was the most efficient in suppressing the foraging activity of A.
The centesimal Hahnemannian (CH) and Korsakovian (K) methods are effective in reducing the foraging activity of A.
The International Hahnemannian Association collected 17.
Homeopathic drugs, in scale centesimal hahnemannian (CH), were prepared in the Laboratory of Vegetable Physiology and Plant Homeopathy of the Department of Biology of the State University of Maringa, with the aid of mechanical arm dinamizer (Model Denise 50), according to Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia 2nd ed.
Treatments contained two types of drugs, Sulphur and Arsenicum album; 4 dinamizations in the hahnemannian centesimal scale (6CH, 12CH, 24CH and 30CH); and control (distilled water).