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The accuracy of haemoglobin determinations with the Spencer Haemoglobinometer.
1) The guidelines recommend the use of the Spencer haemoglobinometer from American Optical.
quoting a CV of 3% obtained for the Spencer haemoglobinometer, was not conducted as would be the case today.
2) We agree that a blind trial of iron supplementation is inappropriate purely on the basis of a portable haemoglobinometer, given the poor correlation of some devices in the primary health care setting, with some workers reporting a correlation factor of 0.
We suggest the use of further markers in addition to the hand-held haemoglobinometer to confirm the anaemia and to identify its likely cause.
Accuracy of a portable haemoglobinometer in clinical practice.
The Spencer haemoglobinometer has long been used in the primary care setting and judged to be an adequate screening method for detecting anaemia.
Tenders are invited for Tender for Supply of Clinical, Laboratory and General use items Stethograph Qty:1, Ischiara Chart Qty:1, Glucometer Qty:5, Water Bath Qty:1, Haemoglobinometer Qty:5, Autoclave Qty:1, Colorimeter Qty:1 etc.
Portable haemoglobinometers and their potential for penside detection of anaemia in bovine disease diagnosis: a comparative evaluation.
Micro burretes 5 cc Haemacytometers with red and white pipettes Haemoglobinometers, Sahili%type