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1. cash on delivery
2. cause of death
3. collect on delivery


abbreviation for cause of death.


Cause of death


scrotum and contents.

cod fat
a mass of fat around the inguinal part of the cord; reaches its greatest development in castrated ruminants.
cod lock
wool from the scrotum; usually heavily stained with yolk.


cystic ovarian degeneration.

Patient discussion about COD

Q. Have you heard of CoD(tm) Tea and Nutritional System to treat cancer? Does it apply to brain cancer too? There have already been 6 brain tumors. A friend told me about this tea that's supposed to help, in addition to chemo, against malignant tumors. Have any of you heard of it? If it works, why is there so little research about it?

A. I'm OK - it's my mom. We live from MRI to MRI (a month to the next one) LOL.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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It was the first interjection by Haddock who, along with nine others, is charged with murdering UDA leader Tommy English at his home in Ballyduff, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, during a feud in 2000.
This Week: Edward Haddock, deputy district director of the U.
The Scottish North Sea haddock fishery holds the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council eco-label for its sustainability and the responsible fishing methods utilised.
Laura Haddock and Sam Claflin looked gorgeous together at the world premiere of "Snow White and the Huntsman" in May 2012.
When the egg is nearly but not quite all set, spread the haddock sauce evenly over the top.
Formal identification is yet to take place, but police said the body was believed to be that of Mr Haddock, who went missing within hours of celebrating his birthday.
The 32 year-old, of Knightswood, Glasgow, denies the charge and has sought to incriminate former university student Miss Haddock.
Northern Ireland's loyalist leader Mark Haddock "smirked" as he dispatched a hit team to gun down his paramilitary rival, a court has been told.
There is never the remotest indication in the comics that Captain Haddock comes from Scotland, speaks with a Scottish accent, or has any Scottish connection other than an intense love for whisky.
This smoked haddock and leek tart, is a big hit as a Sunday lunch starter at Plas Bodegroes, Pwhelli.
Asda is hoping to boost he amount of chilled cod and haddock it sells by 10% after switching to 100% line-caught fish - despite hiking the price by 12%.
Anthony Haddock was a respected police officer in the region for 34 years.