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The dried ripe fruit of Juniperus communis (family Pinaceae).
[L. the juniper tree]


Herbal medicine
An evergreen shrub, the berries of which contain flavonoids, gallotannin, vitamin C and volatile oils (including camphene, juniperin, limonene, myrcene, pinene, sabinene, terpinene and thujone). Juniper is antiseptic, antitussive, carminative, diuretic and expectorant, and has been used to treat urinary tract infections, neuralgia, rheumatic complaints, gout and sciatica.
Toxic effects
Juniper should not be used internally in pregnancy or in those with kidney disease.


n Latin names:
Juniperus communis, Juniperus oxycedrus L.; part used: berries (dried); uses: diuretic, antiflatulent, antiinflammatory, abortifacient, diabetes mellitus, urinary infections; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
a'ra'r a'di, ardic, baccal juniper, common juniper, dwarf, gemener, genievre, ground juniper, hackmatack, harvest, horse savin, juniper mistletoe, yoshu-nezu, or


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While May is known to be the Forest of Reading month in Ontario and the Hackmatack Awards in the Maritimes, we think Book Week will dovetail nicely.
When I first saw non-fiction author Elizabeth MacLeod in the author parade at the Atlantic Canada Hackmatack Awards, her one metre seventy-three centimetre frame glided gracefully onto the stage.
When it comes to readers choice awards, there's the Hackmatack in the Maritimes, BC's Red Cedar, and Ontario's Silver Birch, Red Maple, Blue Spruce and White Pine.