habitual pitch

ha·bit·u·al pitch

(hă-bich'ū-ăl pich)
Central tendency of pitch, or fundamental frequency, most often used by a person in speaking. Voice strain or vocal pathology may result when the habitual pitch is significantly different from the optimal pitch.
See: optimal pitch
Synonym(s): modal frequency, modal pitch.
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Both the fundamental frequency and habitual pitch were significantly lower in the cigar smokers than in the controls (p values = 0.
In our study, the cigar-smoking group also had a significantly lower fundamental frequency and habitual pitch compared to the control group.
Cigar smokers are more likely to have a low fundamental frequency and habitual pitch than controls.
The following acoustic variables were measured: average fundamental frequency, relative average perturbation, shimmer, noise-to-harmonic ratio, voice turbulence index, maximum phonation time, and habitual pitch.
The habitual pitch was measured by asking the subject to count to 10 in a normal voice.