habenular commissure

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com·mis·sur·a ha·be·nu·la·'rum

the connection between the right and left habenular nuclei; the decussation of fibers of the two striae medullares, forming the dorsal portion of the peduncle of the pineal body.

habenular commissure

A group of decussating axons of the stria medullaris. The stria medullaris contains axons projecting to the habenula from the septal nuclei, the preoptic hypothalamus, and the anterior thalamic nuclei; those stria medullaris axons that project to the contralateral habenula cross the midline plane via the habenular commissure.
See also: commissure

commissure, commissura

a site of union of corresponding parts, as the angle of the lips or eyelids; used also with specific reference to the sites of junction between adjacent cusps of the heart valves.

brain commissure
the bands of fibers connecting the parts of the two cerebral hemispheres. They include the corpus callosum, the largest commissure, a rostral commissure which is part of the paleopallium and the fornical commissure which is related to the archipallium, the caudal collicular commissure which connects the caudal colliculi (corpora quadrigemina). Called also cerebral commissure.
cerebral commissure
see brain commissure (above).
fornical commissure
interconnection between the right and left hippocampi. Called also fornical commissure.
habenular commissure
interconnection between the right and left habenular nuclei.
middle commissure
a band of gray matter joining the optic thalami; it develops as a secondary adhesion and may be absent.
posterior commissure
a large fiber bundle crossing from one side of the cerebrum to the other dorsal to where the aqueduct opens into the third ventricle.
spinal cord commissure
the gray and white commissures which connect the two sides of the spinal cord.