Etymology: word element, [Gr.]
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1933): The Gingivae during Pregnancy, Surg Gynec Obst 57:719-726.
My wife has some serious gynec problem and there is no one to take her to the hospital," he told this paper on Monday.
Tenders are invited for Addition & Alternation Of Biochemistry Clinical Chemistry Laboratary In Old Gynec Building, Ssg Hospital, Vadodara)
Tender are invited for Supply of Radiology Equipment Portable Xray Machine USG Machine for Gynec purpose ,Portable X-Ray Machine- 10 Kw
Tender are invited for Supply of Equipment OT Table,OT Table with all ortho, neuro and gynec attachments ,Boyle%s Apparatus,Anesthesia Ventilator,Scrub Station Sink 2 bay ,Drill Machine