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Plural of gutta.

guttae (gtt, gtts, GTTS)

Etymology: L, drops
the plural of gutta, more than one drop, as in guttae pro auribus, or ear drops, or guttae ophthalmicae, or eyedrops.
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Not only are the genetic defects better defined, but also patient's corneas show specific histopathological patterns including greater Descemet's membrane thickening and types of guttae.
On the slit lamp, FED can be identified by endothelial guttae seen using specular illumination.
He states that it seems plausible to assume "at one time the triglyphs did mask the ends of wooden beams," and that "the droplike shapes below, called guttae," seen also in many twentieth-century architecture "are the descendants of wooden pegs (26)" However, form as the primogenitor of function transcended architecture to transportation.