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Plural of gutta.

guttae (gtt, gtts, GTTS)

Etymology: L, drops
the plural of gutta, more than one drop, as in guttae pro auribus, or ear drops, or guttae ophthalmicae, or eyedrops.
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On the slit lamp, FED can be identified by endothelial guttae seen using specular illumination.
For example, the various parts of a classical cornice, all the clutter of dentils, triglyphs, metopes, guttae, architraves and other obscure objects, are merely the vestiges of the ends of roof rafters, the beams on which they rested, pegs to hold them in place, and so on.
Not only are the genetic defects better defined, but also patient's corneas show specific histopathological patterns including greater Descemet's membrane thickening and types of guttae.
On eye examination, the presence of guttae, corneal oedema and, later on, epithelial bullae indicates the presence of Fuchs\' endothelial corneal dystrophy.
Guttae preparations should be prescribed for daytime and a lubricant gel or ointment can be used at night.
She has been using guttae Dorzolamide 2% twice daily, Brimonidine tartrate 0.