gutta-percha cone

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1. a solid figure or body having a circular base and tapering to a point.
2. one of the conelike structures which, with the rods, form the light-sensitive elements of the retina; the cones make possible the perception of color. See also eye and vision. Called also retinal cone.
3. in radiology, a conical or open-ended cylindrical structure formerly used as an aid in centering the radiation beam and as a guide to source-to-film distance. Cones were commonly attached to the x-ray tube prior to the use of the collimator.
4. in root canal therapy, a solid substance with a tapered form, usually made of gutta-percha or silver, fashioned to conform to the shape of a root canal.
ether cone a cone-shaped device used over the face in administration of ether for anesthesia.
gutta-percha cone in root canal therapy, a plastic radiopaque cone made from gutta-percha and other ingredients, available in standard sizes according to the dimensions of root canal reamers and files; used to fill and seal the canal along with sealer cements. Called also gutta-percha point.
cone of light the triangular reflection of light seen on the tympanic membrane.
pressure cone the area of compression exerted by a mass in the brain, as in transtentorial herniation.
retinal cone cone (def. 2).
silver cone silver point.

gut·ta-per·cha cone

a cone-shaped, semirigid root canal filling material composed of gutta-percha and zinc oxide.

gut·ta-per·cha cone

(gŭtă-pĕrchă kōn)
Conic, semirigid root canal filling material composed of gutta-percha and zinc oxide.
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6) Thus, gutta-percha cones must be free from microbial contamination at the moment of use.
The scientific literature indicates that gutta-percha cones taken from manufacturer boxes before the first use don't need to be sterilized.
There are plenty of studies evaluating the contamination of gutta-percha cones prior to first usage or the disinfection protocols; however, studies evaluating this occurrence in dental clinics are still lacking.
Gutta-percha cones of medium size from different commercial brands were evaluated.
The studies by Higgins (21) et al demonstrated that the risk of contamination on gutta-percha cones immediately upon removal from the package was not a concern.
Lateral-compaction: after a #50 gutta-percha cone (Dentsply-Herpo, Petropolis, Brazil) was fitted to the working length, cold lateral-compaction was performed using a nickel-titanium finger spreader, (Hyflex, size medium, Hygenic Corporation, Akron, USA) and matching accessory gutta-percha cones (Dentsply-Herpo, Petropolis, Brazil), beginning from the lingual part of the canal and then continued around the canal periphery until the spreader could only penetrate 2-3 mm into the canal.
In vitro evaluation of different chemical agents for the decontamination of gutta-percha cones.
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