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adj. guilt·ier, guilt·iest
a. Responsible for a reprehensible act; culpable.
b. Law Found to have violated a criminal law by a jury or judge.
c. Deserving blame, as for an error: guilty of misjudgment.
2. Suffering from or prompted by a sense of guilt: a guilty conscience.

guilt′i·ly adv.
guilt′i·ness n.


(in criminal law) a verdict by the court that to a moral certainty it is beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime and is responsible for the offense as charged.

Patient discussion about guilty

Q. I feel guilty about my health caring.Can things I do (or not do) as parent, cause autism in my child? I am a parent who is planning to send my child to school for the first time. : I feel guilty about my health caring. Can things I do (or not do) as parent, cause autism in my child?

A. If everyone feels guilty like you about their health, then this whole earth will hold perfect humans with complete health. I wish you the same. Autism is a biomedical disorder. We don't know if there are any things that a parent can do or not do, conclusively, will determine whether their child gets autism or not. In fact, there is no association with anything that a parent can do and their child ending up with autism. Most of the evidence right now points to there being a very strong genetic predisposition in most cases of autism, but not all.

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In a statement, the Interior Ministry said the three were found guiltily of murder, and their execution were a necessary form of punishment, fit the crimes and will serve as a deterrent.
And the tubby monsters of Gluttony will have you looking at your own paunch rather guiltily.
That he would guiltily confess that at the famous meeting at Crawford, Texas, he had givenAaGeorge BushAaunequivocal support for military action?
I knew I had to be eagle-eyed at all times, looking for signs of drug abuse, anorexia, bulimia, smoking weed, alcohol consumption, to say nothing of sexual activity, unwanted pregnancy and other similar, and terrifying, issues that today's parents have to cope with -- embarrassedly, apologetically, guiltily, stealthily, sensitively.
That question creeps guiltily into one's head when talking to 23-year old student Yorgui Teyrouz.
Those of us locals who are sentimental about the tasty meals we would guiltily but gratefully consume while away on holiday.
Its consumer is young and nutritionally aware, says Craig, some of whom may have a hangover and are guiltily seeking to make it up to their bodies.
But the most indefensible part of his charade of a performance this week, those slug-like eyebrows writhing guiltily as he spoke, was his decision to hike fuel duty.
Some parents reach the point where they guiltily admit that they sometimes wish their child would die before them, so they wouldn't have to worry.
The boys outwardly promise to take care of him, when inwardly, guiltily, they know he will be left on the sidelines until he makes his own friends.
beats loved ones guiltily stuffing the painful, unspoken debris of