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Reichhart invented a device called the "double detective tongs" - a metal clamp which held the prisoner beneath the guillotine instead of rope.
Lindsay Allason-Jones, society president, said: "The model guillotine comes from the Napoleonic wars period when many French soldiers, captured by the British, ended up in British jails due to the decree by the French Revolutionary Government in 1793-4 that they would no longer pay ransom to retrieve prisoners.
The Guillotines have been trained by Gong'e (Jimmy Wang) to behead their opponents with a weapon known as xuedizi, as confidently demonstrated in the pic's strong opening sequence.
A spokesman for the school said: "The King's School can confirm that regrettably an employee sustained a serious hand injury while cutting paper using an electric guillotine.
Structural analysis of a crankshaft-driven guillotine shearing machine used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to examine vibration characteristics for different upper and lower blade carrying plate thickness (Ramamurthi et al, 1997).
A COMPANY was fined pounds 2,500 after a man had four fingers chopped off by a guillotine.
Bearing in mind the administration as a part of the state executive power, I constantly think of the guillotine against the superfluous production quotas and procedures that made Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski renowned to the Macedonian public.
Team-mate Alizad manhandled another Hartlepool CCA fighter, Dean Mallam, to the deck immediately to win by guillotine choke submission after just 43 seconds.
Manila: A Spanish priest was criticised for saying that the killing of three Filipino priests by guillotine during the Spanish rule in 1872 was "not painful".
La guillotine was so feared in France, meanwhile, especially during the Revolution when few noblemen were safe - a dread that spread to this country to inspire the decoration on a rare pearlware mug in blue and white, dating from about 1795, and commemorating the decapitation of the king and the birth of the modern republic.
These inserts tell the reader information regarding fencing, the guillotine and the French revolution, while highlighting the lives of Marie Antoinette, Franz-Josef Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.