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Others say it only happens when the Guest account is set to "sharing only.
Batch Mode, offering set network access, enables a group of pre-printed guest accounts to be given upon entry into a building and can be processed by employees such as receptionists and security guards.
I accidentally clicked on my guest account and after I logged out, my documents folder was gone," one users said on the Snow Leopard forum.
A@mm will also attempt to create security holes by creating a guest account with administrator privileges and create open shares on the infected system.
This offer is applicable to MIVNET free guest accounts too.
Points are added to guest accounts for everything from accommodation, conference and banqueting purchases (business events and weddings), food and beverage spend and health and beauty treatments.
Lollipop also allows users to create guest accounts on both smartphones and tablets that can access any apps, but none of the personal data on them.
Among its suggestions for hotels is to limit guest accounts to non-administrator accounts that do not have the ability to install or uninstall programs.
Parent access can be given by setting up guest accounts that require passwords.
Guest access can be rigidly controlled, with guest accounts expiring at a predetermined time or purged at the end of the day and guest accounts restricted in their access.