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guaranty (gar´əntē),

n a contract that some certain and designated thing shall be done exactly as it is agreed to be done.
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Typically, mortgage guaranty insurance covers the first 20% to 30% of a loss incurred by a lender or investor should the borrower default, so it is primarily used on high-ratio mortgage loans, Zimmerman said.
In any case, the document preparer should include language making clear the primacy of the guaranty in the underlying pricing of the transaction in order to best position the landlord should a tenant file for bankruptcy protection.
CONTACT: Pam Kloha, Assistant Vice President, Deposit Guaranty Corp.
The partnership with Jefferson Guaranty gives Deposit Guaranty access to a very attractive market that builds our franchise in south Louisiana," Robinson said.
In addition, sometimes it is said that one of the purposes for an interest guaranty is to prevent the lender's foreclosure of a mortgage for non-payment of interest before the maturity of the note.
NEW YORK -- In conjunction with the introduction today of Fitch's new economic capital model known as Matrix, developed by Fitch to provide an assessment of capital adequacy for the financial guaranty industry, Fitch Ratings also is releasing the model's financial results for those same guarantors rated by Fitch.
These offices will operate as Deposit Guaranty following the completion of the merger, which is expected to take place during the first quarter of 1997.
Fitch believes Matrix is the only model within the financial guaranty industry to stochastically assess both portfolio defaults and reinsurance recoveries.
Under the agreement, 210,989 shares of Deposit Guaranty Corp.
Prior to completion of the acquisition, it is anticipated that First Guaranty Bancshares, Inc.
Under terms of the agreement, Deposit Guaranty Corp.
Jasper, Chief Executive Officer at Primus Guaranty.