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The patient, caregiver, or entity responsible for payment of the health care bill.
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Higher prices and other factors are often undermining the plans of many renters who unexpectedly discover that they cannot quite qualify for their apartment because they do not earn at least 40-45 times the monthly rent, or their guarantor does not earn 80-85 times the monthly rent, or their guarantor is not acceptable due to the fact that he/ she lives outside of New York or the New York area.
At the inception of the hearing of the case Monday, former interior minister Aftab Sherpao, Shoaib Nosherwani and Mumtaz and Nadim, guarantors of Pervez Musharraf appeared in the court.
Among major charges is the allegation that these lenders have taken advantage of what critics say is a loophole in a legal provision obliging shoko lenders to notify both borrowers and guarantors of the terms of loan contracts.
Guarantors generally are denied an interest deduction under Sec.
Guarantors can now serve student loan borrowers and taxpayers best by being stewards of the public trust in a different way: not as collectors of federal dollars after default occurs but as efficient managers of the government's education loan portfolio working toward preventing repayment problems before they occur.
Despite the attractiveness of these transactions, issuers, investors and financial guarantors are exposed to a number of risks.
Involvement of Turkey as a guarantor state in the Cyprus process, is of vital importance.
There are several other examples in which guarantors who pledged to clear loans of others have been left to pick up the pieces.
The Halifax has accepted guarantors for a long time and has a competitive tracker rate deal of 2.
NORTH Easterners are falling deep into debt by signing up as guarantors for loved ones' expensive loan repayments, according to Newcastle CAB.
The charity's report, A Problem Shared, said 43% of guarantors who sought help from Citizens Advice were unsure of the extent of their responsibilities.