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The patient, caregiver, or entity responsible for payment of the health care bill.
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An earlier Tax Court decision, Tolzman, (15) found that the guarantor of a corporation's debt became directly and primarily liable following the company's insolvency.
This case illustrates the requirement that a guarantor waive the right to reimbursement to qualify as bearing the economic risk of loss.
Should shoko lenders give a guarantor false information on the accumulated amount of the borrower's liabilities, the underlying guarantee could be lawfully invalidated, according to the draft amendment.
The court after hearing the arguments ordered for staying the initiation of proceedings against the guarantor till December 20.
On Nov 21, the court declared him an absconder and warned his guarantor, Ahmed Ali Qadoosi, that his surety bonds worth Rs5 million would be confiscated if Dar failed to join the trial proceedings.
He requested the court to confiscate the surety bonds submitted by the accused's guarantor for failing to produce Ishaq Dar.
The Sixth Circuit upheld Regulation B's inclusion of guarantors as applicants and concluded that a spousal guarantor could assert ECOA claims as an affirmative defense in a lawsuit to collect on the guarantee.
The guarantor in each case has responsibility to insure that the tenant or borrower adheres to the terms of the lease or the agreement.
THE government has made a number of bridging proposals to the troika of lenders on the issue of guarantors to bad debt, which forms part of the fifth and final bill of the so-called insolvency package.
The courts have held since the middle of the last century that an alteration in a lease which was not self-evidently insubstantial and which could be prejudicial to the guarantor would relieve the guarantor from liability.
if the principal debtor becomes bankrupt, the creditor must prove its debt in the bankruptcy, failing which it will lose its right to claim against the guarantor to the extent of any sums which the creditor might have received had it proved such debt in the bankruptcy; and