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guaranty (gar´əntē),

n a contract that some certain and designated thing shall be done exactly as it is agreed to be done.
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The Seggermans also argued their guaranties were no different from the contributed notes since they still were liable for the corporate debt after the transfer.
The law regarding enforcement of special guaranties has evolved in the state of Florida.
Although beyond the scope of this article, it is also worth noting that the decision may well have an impact reaching beyond guaranties to impact any contract provision which is contingent on the absence of a default historically.
Our law is well enough established to at least point to the problems, if not the solutions, relating to the enforcement of lease guaranties, The most frequent type of problems arises in a bankruptcy affecting the tenant or the guarantor.
Standard & Poor's--Investors in deals supported by insurance-backed financial guaranties are continuing to find less underlying security in their investments than expected despite efforts to improve insurers' commitment to the sector, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said in a market report published today.