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guaranty (gar´əntē),

n a contract that some certain and designated thing shall be done exactly as it is agreed to be done.
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While such guarantees were the subject of much debate, the 1989 Congress intentionally postponed enacting specific rule to deal with such arrangements.
Guarantees are backed by the financial strength of the issuing insurance company, The Travelers Insurance Company and The Travelers Life and Annuity Company.
Risk Management--The industry has developed, and continues to improve, sophisticated risk-management tools and processes to mitigate the potential financial exposure created by the secondary guarantee offerings, but the level of due diligence can vary significantly by company.
Living benefit guarantees are now meeting the needs of a wide range of Americans who might not have previously considered a variable annuity as a part of their retirement plan.
Plus, each of the three options were intended to allow a customer to benefit from market gains, and potentially contribute value to their nest egg above and beyond the minimum guarantee.
Rather, we are so confident in our expertise and our ability to place accurate prices on rare coins, that we believe that we can give the highest guarantees in the industry, and we will back up our guarantees in writing, in very simple terms.
Phoenix is one of a select group to offer a complete suite of living benefit riders, empowering clients to choose a guarantee feature that meets their current investment objectives.
Over the 12-month period from July 31, 2004 to July 31, 2005, the fund added new loan guarantees on only one multifamily property, which is covered by HUD's risk-sharing program, and two existing projects were refunded and removed from the portfolio.
AIG), recently introduced a new series of target maturity-style mutual funds into the group retirement market that guarantee both principal and market gains achieved during the life of the investment for shareholders who remain invested to maturity.
Fitch has adjusted its existing methodology for partial credit guarantees to more closely mirror its newly initiated recovery rating criteria, which entails a one- to three-notch uplift or a one- to two-notch penalty depending on the recovery prospects for a particular issuer.
The guarantee classes may be reduced by applied liquidation loss amounts in the event excess interest is insufficient to cover realized losses.
The GMIB Plus and Predictor Plus, like the GMIB, guarantee a predictable stream of future income that can't be outlived regardless of account performance," said Lisa S.