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guaranty (gar´əntē),

n a contract that some certain and designated thing shall be done exactly as it is agreed to be done.
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She said that if you had done this without bargaining with her, if you had broken with the money prospects without trying to force a guarantee out of her first, she might have been your friend.
I guarantee to name the person, or the persons, on whom the suspicion really rests.
What guarantee have I that you would not take my money and then do as you pleased with me and mine regardless of your promise?
As an initial guarantee, therefore, neither self-evidence nor subjective certainty can be accepted as adequate.
Meanwhile, the aggregate number of guarantees amounted to 289 in the first five months of 2016, rising from 221 guarantees given in the same period of 2015.
Under UAE Law, Bank Guarantees are considered a commercial activity regardless of the capacity of the person to whom the Bank Guarantee is issued or the purpose for which it is issued, hence they are governed under the CTL.
Meanwhile, the total number of guarantees amounted to 523, down by a yearly 11.
If, instead, he guarantees a bank loan for his son, he must make sure he receives direct consideration (i.
A controversy has grown among companies in the life insurance industry and state regulators over the appropriate level of reserves for some universal life products with secondary guarantees, an increasingly fast growing and popular consumer product design.
Since most guarantees offer money back in one form or another, it is "specifically this 'money-back' guarantee that I call the second greatest offer.
So, whether the Bengals make good on Johnson's guarantee or leave him as Hanging Chad, it's probably one that will be forgotten - just like his two guarantees a year ago.
It merely guarantees the funds necessary for VA to fulfill its mission.