The radical of guanine.
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All muscarinic receptors are coupled to guanyl proteins that determine the specificity of their actions.
Therefore, to further study the involvement of NO in the relaxant effect of PA we examined, more distally in the NOS-sGC signaling pathway, the effects of a non-selective soluble guanyl cyclase inhibitor methylene blue and of a selective blocker of ATP-sensitive [K.
It is believed that the non guanyl cyclase linked receptor, natriuretic peptide receptor type C (NPR-C), functions as a clearance receptor by binding and internalizing natriuretic peptides (21).
Binding of the NPs to NPR-A and -B stimulates intrinsic guanyl cyclase activity and the production of the intracellular messenger, cGMP.
Role of fluidity of membranes on the guanyl nucleotide-dependent binding of cholecystokinin 8-S to rat brain cortical membranes.
That protein is termed a "G-protein" because of the fact that its enzymatic activity is determined by its binding to a guanyl nucleotide: it is active when bound to GTP (guanosine triphosphate) from the cytoplasm but inactive when bound to GDP.
T cells contain two types of Ras activators: a molecule called SOS and another called Ras guanyl nucleotidereleasing protein, or RasGRP.