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We present the first report of a leucistic guanaco in northwestern Argentina, as well as a comment on the implications of anomalous individuals for long-term conservation of guanacos.
Therefore, the smallest scale measurements would signify vicuna (given the absence of alpaca in the Argentine puna) whilst larger scale measurements would signify guanaco and llama.
Toni Jastrzebski of Business Link said: "There is an international market for the fibres produced from the guanaco so we wish Karen and Roy every success in developing their herd.
Guanaco are also being hunted to reduce their perceived competition with the growing population of livestock.
While the ancestor of the llama is indeed the guanaco, the ancestor of the alpaca is really the vicuna, according to a 2001 genetic study by an international team including Jane C.
ONE MINUTE, GREEN INVESTOR JOHN FORGACH WAS WATCHING Argentine businessmen pitch their plan to rear guanacos, Ilama-like Andean animals whose coats, they claim, make cashmere feel like nylon.
Jules Verne, too, wrote about the guanaco, beginning his novel The Castaways of the Jonathan with a description of this gregarious, ever-wary herbivore, its nose into the wind, sniffing the scents riding on the sea breeze, with speed its only defense.
Potential exploration targets within the Cachinal property include narrow high grade silver veins such as have been historically mined and large epithermal-style deposits such as the El Penon silver-gold and the Guanaco gold deposits.
The puma feeds on the guanaco and the condor in turn feeds on the carcasses.
In the third occupation, also ephemeral, another group of hunter-gatherers settled down to consume nandu eggs, guanaco and deer.
Llamas, along with alpaca, guanaco and vicuna, are members of the camel or camelid family.
Investigators also found a large assembly of guanaco bones in the cave.