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guan (gwän),

n in traditional Chinese medicine—in addition to “cun” and “chi”—one of the three divisions of the pulse that is used for diagnosis. Specifically, its position is near the styloid process of the radius. On the left hand, the pulse of guan is associated with the condition of the liver and on the right hand, it is associated with the condition of the spleen.
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SCHOOLBOY Guan Tianlang was slapped with a oneshot penalty for slow play by an English referee on his Masters debut.
Paramor, the European Tour's chief referee, later confirmed Guan was first warned on the 12th but recorded a bad time with his second shot to the 13th.
The Guan family is made up of his Chinese father, second-generation Japanese mother and sister, who is now 15 years old.
I was hit over the head with a crystal lily vase and I remember Guan falling to the floor.
Concretely speaking, the essay foregrounds four corporate identity metaphors--rocket, fast fish, submarine, and wolf--as deployed by Guan Guoliang during his tenure as chair of New China Life Insurance (NCL), allegedly the fourth largest life insurer in China at the time.
Guan said the Fed's tapering on China's capital flows has so far been limited, but he cautioned that some money could leave emerging markets as the US central bank pares its stimulus.
Guan called for Beijing to diversify from US dollar assets, a move that could insulate China from further losses as the greenback falls.
In contrast, we did not observe any birds near the guan nests while monitoring them except for the incubating females.
Bin Guan of the Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering, a collaboration between NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif.
WELL PLAYED J Guan is congratulated by chairman Billy Payne as Lyle looks on
GUAN Tianlang was a revelation at The Masters - but he has only himself to blame for his slow play penalty in the second round.
Guan made the cut at Augusta National aged just 14, despite being penalised for slow play in the second round, and also played all four rounds in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans last week.