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The industrialization of livestock production and the widespread use of nontherapeutic antimicrobial growth promotants has intensified the risk for the emergence of new, more virulent, or more resistant microorganisms.
Growth promotants are anabolic (muscle building) agents used to increase growth rates and the conversion of food to muscle (feed-conversion efficiency).
beef producers and sound scientific analysis are the winners in the World Trade Organization (WTO) interim ruling on the European Union's (EU) ban on beef produced with growth promotants, says Mark Armentrout, Alpharetta, Ga.
Meat Export Federation officials announced they were cautiously optimistic about a proposal today from the European Union (EU) to convene a broad-based conference for the purpose of re-evaluating the EU ban on beef produced with growth promotants, or hormones.
Volume increases in growth promotants for cattle led to higher sales for the animal health businesses.
Vetlife is engaged in the research and development of novel veterinary pharmaceuticals for food animals in the areas of non- antibiotic growth promotants, anti-infectives, and vaccine adjuvants.
Table 81: EU27 Poultry Meat Production (2013) - Breakdown of Volume Production in '000 Tons of Carcass Weight Equivalent by Top Five Producing Countries (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-41 Regulatory Environment III-41 EC Bans Antibiotic Growth Promotants III-41 EU Steps up Safety Measures on Food and Feed Additives III-42 Emergence of the European Food Safety Authority III-42 IFAH Europe III-43 FEFANA III-43 Establishment of Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) III-44 Legislations on Animal Feed in Europe III-44 EU Regulation 183/2005 III-44 EU Regulation 882/2004 III-44 EU Regulation 152/2009 III-44 B.