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The classification of individual traits according to a shared characteristic.
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blood grouping

Classification of blood of different individuals according to agglutinating and hemolyzing qualities before making a blood transfusion.
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perceptual grouping

The processing of information derived from nerves in the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, and any other sensory structures. This function helps in understanding the environment and forming a coherent image of what is perceived.
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Tsugawa's entry brought the number of seats held by the grouping called DPJ-Independents Club to 178.
The Hubble study shows most of the globular clusters in Abell 1689 formed near the center of the galaxy grouping, which contains a deep well of dark matter.
The absence of this disclosure requirement made it easier for noncompliant taxpayers to change groupings from year to year to maximize tax effectiveness or to disregard the "appropriate economic unit" concept.
Yup'ik also had the greatest number of people who identified with one tribal grouping and no other race (29,000).
I can't name people from these groupings because my position doesn't allow me to and it is not my job to do so," Tanov said.
Thus, this work is a logical pedagogical choice for playing different groupings within an orchestral score.
groupings of plants rather than random placement or a plant on every table.
For example, the calculation of the FSC commissions (on either a grouping or a transaction-by-transaction basis) turns on all items of income and expense included in a company's tax return.
The second grouping will be a 100 percent olive-hued linen contrasted with a teal blue 100 percent linen, both coordinating with the narrow stripe and foliage print.
It found, for example, that it should allow its vendors to submit bids on portions of groupings that best fit their particular processing niche instead of attempting to get an all-inclusive grouping solution.
But for most districts, there's no way for teachers or administrators to organize the test data in the fall by the new school and teacher/class groupings.
Larger shrubs or even trees can be safely planted on hillsides or open areas if they are grouped with large clear spaces in between groupings that would act as firebreaks.