group reaction

group re·ac·tion

a reaction with an agglutinin or other antibody that is common (though usually in varying concentrations) to an entire group of related bacteria, for example, the coli group.
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Ninety two National Guardsmen have died on the island's roads since 1996, according to road safety group REACTION.
This is the second group reaction of the diplomatic corps in Macedonia in less than a week.
Objects must be protected continuously throughout the year, including holidays from work, 24 hours a day, while ensuring the intervention group reaction.
But I can reveal that the biggest "No" so far has come from focus group reaction to a proposed poster campaign.
Group reaction time distributions and an analysis of distribution statistics.
During such modification experiments, based on the assumption of a predominant carboxyl group reaction, the theoretical stoichiometric modifier amount was calculated from (3, 8):
The public relations counsel should understand that "the cause he represents must have some group reaction and tradition in common with the public he is trying to reach.
Westat contractors Marianne Winglee and Richard Valliant then discussed Assessing Disclosure Protection for an SOI Public Use File; Panel member Dan Feenberg and Ralph Rector of the Heritage Foundation provided the PUF users' group reaction.
According to the Howth Community Activists group reaction to the asylum seekers has been positve.
However, in the last few years I have had occasion to put down the Mason Dots and pause as my fellow wonderful people wrenched me out of my fantasy world and coldcocked me with a group reaction.
The result, too often, has been a reactive presidency--Clinton constantly shifting course in response to what that day's papers said he had decided and the resulting minute-by-minute public or interest group reaction.

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