streptococcus beta-hemolytic

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streptococcus beta-hemolytic, Group A

a strain of streptococcus, group A in the Lancefield classification, that causes necrotizing fasciitis toxic shock syndrome.

streptococcus beta-hemolytic, Group B

a strain of streptococcus that causes human infections such as neonatal sepsis, endocarditis, and septic arthritis.
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The other Group A match has Uzbekistan traveling to Qatar, a team missing four players through injury or suspension.
Follow-up tests indicated a significant difference in the adjusted means between Group A and Group C.
Fifteen students in Group A (94%), nine students in Group B (90%), and seven students in Group C (54%) improved total scores after intervention.
Under Alternative 1, the following factors reflect the intent of Group A taxpayers to employ a separate-entity approach to hedging: (i) the presence of intercompany hedging transactions, (ii) contemporaneous identification of transition-period hedging transactions determined on a separate-entity basis, and presumably, (iii) additional non-tax documentation or data evidencing a separate-entity approach to managing Group A's hedging activities and risks.
And the third factor is that Australia and Pakistan will complete the Group A standings in Colombo.
Saturday's Group A match between Raja Casablanca and Coton Sport of Cameroon ended 0-0 in Morocco.
finals in Burkina Faso two years ago, drew their first Group A
Now he is back for another one - only on this occasion he realises fully that if he fails to negotiate his people on a safe path past Scotland and out of Group A into the promised land, they may begin to suspect that his halo has slipped.
It moved the World Cup qualifiers on to three points in Group A, level with Malawi who lost to Angola (four points) later.
He cited the company's formation of a workers compensation consulting group as an example of a value-added, client-driven service that brings together A&A's brokerage, risk management and human resource management consulting resources.
A termination of the consolidated group as a result of A's electing S status would accelerate A's gain into income.
The Atlanta Business Chronicle has recognized MA&A Group as one of Atlanta's Top 50 fastest-growing, private companies for three out of the last four years.