peanut oil

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peanut oil

a refined fixed oil from seed kernels of cultivated varieties of Arachis hypogaea; used as a solvent for drugs.

pea·nut oil

(pē'nŭt oyl),
oil extracted from the kernels of one or more cultivated varieties of Arachis hypogaea (family Leguminosae); used as a solvent for intramuscular injections and in the preparation of foods.
Synonym(s): arachis oil

peanut oil

A refined oil obtained from the seed kernels of one or more of the cultivated varieties of Arachis hypogaea, used as a solvent for some medicines that are injected intramuscularly.
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seed kernels of the plant Arachis hypogaea cultivated as a commercial crop. Made into peanut meal after the oil is extracted. The kernels and meal are subject to fungal growth and may cause aflatoxicosis. Called also groundnut.

peanut hulls
a source of supplementary fiber in manufactured pet foods; it is high in lignin.
peanut meal
residue after the extraction of peanut oil; a high protein (40 to 50%) feed supplement; low in methionine, lysine and tryptophan. May be mixed with hulls when it becomes of less value because of the high (30%) of fiber.
peanut oil
a refined fixed oil extracted from peanuts; used as a solvent for drugs.
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When the emulsions of sodium alginate, TSP, groundnut oil, and diclofenac sodium were dropped into the solutions containing calcium ions, gelled spherical groundnut oil-entrapped TSP-alginate beads containing diclofenac sodium were formed instantaneously due to electrostatic interaction between negatively charged sodium alginate and positively charged calcium ion.
Pour a little groundnut oil into a hot wok and as it heats up roll it around the sides of the pan until they are well coated.
Add remaining groundnut oil to pan, then peppers, broccoli and sesame oil.
Spicy sichuan-style prawns (serves 4) 1/ 2 tbsp groundnut oil, 2tspfinely chopped fresh root ginger, 1tbsp coarsely chopped garlic, 2tbsp finely chopped spring onions, 450g (1lb) raw prawns, shelled and de-veined.
2 boneless chicken breasts, with or without skin 3 cloves of garlic and equivalent amount of fresh ginger 5 spring onions, white part only 2 tablespoons groundnut oil A good handful of dried Sichuanese chillies (at least 10) 1 teaspoon whole Sichuan pepper 75g roasted peanuts
Delia said he should completely dry the raw chips before putting them in groundnut oil - unless Minnie is allergic to nuts, she warned.
However, this was compensated to some extent by Groundnut Oil, Ginger, Petrol, putting downward pressure on the index.
To serve four you will need 500g of skinned fish fillet -- firm white fish or salmon are ideal, groundnut oil for frying, 6 shallots finely sliced, 3 kaffir lime leaves (easily available from your local oriental supermarket or world foods store), 2-3 tbsp of Thai Red Curry paste, 1/ 2 tbsp of palm sugar or soft brown sugar, 2 tbsp of fish sauce (Nam Pla), 2 tins or 800ml of coconut milk, 400ml of fish or chicken stock, 6 round baby Thai aubergines halved, 12 cherry tomatoes and a good handful of Thai sweet basil or coriander leaves.
I use groundnut oil with good Maris Piper potatoes to produce the best possible chips.
On the other hand, Maharashtra State registered a decline of 4 and 2 points respectively for Agricultural and Rural Labourers mainly due to decrease in the prices of wheat, jowar, bajra, groundnut oil and fish fresh.
Saute in the groundnut oil in a shallow pan for 3-5 minutes until softened, then add the beans and stir fry until heated through.
In fact decrease in the prices of Groundnut oil was notice at Chennai, Mustard Oils at Bhagalpur and Vanaspati Oils at Dindigul.