ground reaction forces

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ground re·ac·tion forc·es

(grownd rē-akshŭn fōrsĕz)
Forces applied to the ground by a body that are returned to the body in equal magnitude but in an opposite direction; any force exerted by the ground on a body in contact with it.
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The ground reaction forces in the x, y, and z global axes (approximately pointing to the right, forward, and cephalad of the foot, respectively) were obtained directly from the force plate.
Waked, on the effect of floor stiffness on the vertical component of ground reaction force concluded that by reducing the hard floor, the vertical ground reaction force is increased [12].
Previous research has investigated vertical ground reaction forces (vGRF) during a traditional landing across a range of sports (Blackburn et al.
Typical running peak vertical ground reaction forces for runners are between 1.
Unfortunately, increasing step height will linearly increase landing impact, or vertical ground reaction force (GRF) (18) and knee joint angle, both of which increase the potential for injury (5, 14).
Specifically, we compared the ground reaction force and the support moment between a group of flat-foot children and an age-matched control group.
2007) discussed these previous studies and noted the predominant greater maximal front foot ground reaction force measures and asymmetric force generation pattern reported or summarised in most studies other than that of Barrentine et al (1994).
Key words: Biomechanics, propioception, force platform, ground reaction forces, center of pressure.
001) and 140% greater maximum vertical ground reaction forces (p = 0.
Similar maximum vertical ground reaction forces were recorded with each club when a 8 mm metal spike golf shoe or an alternative spike golf shoe were worn.
High-speed video enabled calculation of ground reaction forces and torque at the knee joint.
As a result, ground reaction forces are not properly dissipated, thus leading to injury.