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Punitive damages may occasionally be awarded when gross negligence is proved, but courts in several states have discouraged such awards, absent a malicious intent, so choice C is incorrect.
In particular, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Washington "all effectively bar release of liability for gross negligence," using definitions of the term consistent with California's, the court observed.
Neal York, San Diego, was charged with and admits to gross negligence in his handling of two audit reports.
The court filing reiterated the government's long-held position that BP committed gross negligence, a position that could nearly quadruple civil damages under the Clean Water Act to $21 billion if a federal judge agrees.
The jury at Newport Coroner's Court returned verdicts that Mr Maggs and Mr Case were also unlawfully killed by gross negligence.
Diana died tragically because of gross negligence, not some ridiculous plot.
The eight-man, four-woman jury found Weller guilty of 10 counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, reaching a verdict 30 minutes into its ninth day of deliberations.
South Carolina's law allows suits to be filed only in genuine emergency situations involving gross negligence.
A 23-year-old man from Rugby, Warwickshire, has been charged with manslaughter by gross negligence and with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
A mother who admitted killing her 18-month-old daughter through gross negligence walked free from court yesterday.
They have been charged with four counts of manslaughter due to gross negligence and an offence under the Health and Safety at Work Act.
Also, discipline standards have been lowered from gross negligence to multiple acts of negligence that indicate a lack of competence to practice public accountancy or to operate a bookkeeping practice.