gross hematuria

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gross he·ma·tu·ri·a

the presence of blood in the urine in sufficient quantity to be visible to the naked eye as a distortion in the normal yellow hue.
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Additional supportive evidence is the fact that the father of the index case-patient had gross hematuria in 2012 and 2013.
Using a Kaiser Permanente guideline methodology, the group reached a consensus agreement on recommendations, including referral to urology when a person of any age is found to have gross hematuria or high-grade hematuria on a single test.
The most common presenting symptom of carcinosarcoma is gross hematuria, which is similar to transitional cell carcinoma.
Cystoscopy is essential after an episode of gross hematuria to evaluate the bladder for urothelial tumours.
In conclusion, SCC of the renal pelvis/ureter is an aggressive tumor with regional differences in sex predilection and site (renal pelvis/ureter) that often presents with gross hematuria or flank discomfort/pain.
Ureteral injury was diagnosed in the delayed setting in three patients, and none had microscopic or gross hematuria.
Those with persistent gross hematuria, bladder stones, or recurrent UTI due to BPH who fail other therapies are best managed surgically.
In this survey, only 36% and 77% of patients with microscopic and gross hematuria are referred to urology.
She denied fever, gross hematuria, urinary frequency, urinary urgency, and urodynia.
Bladder calculi may often present as they did in this patient, with gross hematuria.
He was able to void, and denied gross hematuria but had difficulty initiating urination.