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self-care assistance: dressing/grooming

a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as assisting a patient with clothes and appearance. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.

clinical etiquette

Professional comportment Medical practice The components of medical practice which, in addition to ethics and competence, define what it is to be a physician
Clinical etiquette
Bedside manner Avoid easy familiarity, be attentive of Pts needs, do not eat on rounds
Dress Conservative & appropriate
Grooming Clean, neat, unobtrusive
Language Respectful, at level of audience, non-use of vulgar vernacular or demeaning appellations, discretion regarding others' condition (JAMA 1988; 260:2559)  


brushing and combing of the hair. A passive exercise in dogs and horses resulting in the development of a minor occupation of groom, institution of grooming parlor, and equipment. Cats and some dogs actively groom themselves. Cattle make some attempts at it, especially cows of their calves.

grooming disorders
grooming-type behavior that is damaging to the cat or objectionable to the owner; includes excessive grooming as a displacement activity associated with stress.