grey matter

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gray mat·'ter

those regions of the brain and spinal cord that are made up primarily of the cell bodies and dendrites of nerve cells rather than myelinated axons.
Nonmyelinated cells and circuitry that comprise the ‘central processing unit’ of the CNS and spinal cord; the thinking part of the brain, which is composed of neuronal cell bodies, initial axon segments, dendritic processes, and arborizations, glia—neuroglial cells—capillaries and vascular support; gray matter is so named because it appears grayish; brain gray matter is peripheral; spinal cord gray matter is central

grey matter

That part of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM consisting mainly of nerve cell bodies. The grey matter of the brain includes the outer layer (the cortex) and a number of centrally placed masses called nuclei. In the spinal cord, the grey matter occupies the central axis. The white matter consists of nerve fibres—axons of the nerve cells.

grey matter

the material from the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM of vertebrates containing the nerve cell bodies which give the material a grey colour as distinct from the white colour of the FIBRES (compare WHITE MATTER). Grey matter also contains the DENDRITES of the nerve cells (with no myelin sheath), blood vessels, and glial cells which have a supportive function. Grey matter of the spinal cord is internally arranged in the form of an ‘H’ shape in cross-section, unlike the brain, where grey matter is external. Coordination occurs in the grey matter of the CNS.

substantia grisea

; grey matter central nervous system regions containing little myelin and few/no myelinated axons; e.g. dorsal horn, ganglia, nerve cell bodies and dendrites
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In order to examine the cerebral regions with more or less grey matter volumes in maltreated individuals, a three-dimensional meta-analytical neuroimaging method was used called 'signed differential mapping' (SDM), developed by Radua.
If ever a grey matter should been thinning it was mine.
Further analysis of the jugglers' brains again after four weeks without juggling showed new white matter had stayed put and the amount of grey matter had even increased.
The research team said that the further grouping led to the emergence of a clear dividing line, showing that practice produces a noticeable step up in the brain's grey matter.
According to Walker, more grey matter in humans means more motor neurons.
The team will study the relationship of anti-EBV antibody levels to development of grey matter atrophy, neurocognitive function and disability progression over time.
Decreases in grey matter volume indicate that brain cells are shrinking.
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Walking greater distances did not appear to preserve grey matter any
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Dr Vanessa Sluming,of Liverpool University, said: ``We were interested to find increased grey matter in the part of the brain associated with playing music.
Researchers found that adolescent children who were poor at calculation had a reduced amount of grey matter at a specific site on the left parietal lobe.