Gray Area

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Medspeak A generic term for any area of patient care—e.g., diagnostics, ethics, management of terminally ill—in which the parameters of good practise are not clearly defined—i.e., are neither ‘black’ nor ‘white’
Vox populi Gray zone/area is commonly used in the lay parlance for anything that is not readily apparent or incontrovertible, i.e., not ‘black’ or ‘white’
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We could not be more excited to deliver our first app, Shadow Cities, to the massively connected generation of iPhone and iPod touch users in North America and literally, turn their cities into a game," said Ville Vesterinen, CEO of Grey Area.
The iPhone has already emerged as an immensely popular gaming platform," commented Ville Vesterinen, CEO of Grey Area.
He never really stopped recording, just slid a little further back into that grey area, and has been pretty prolific in the years to now.
BIF understands that when you look in the grey area between disciplines, good, inspiring concepts will arise.
A few ISPs and most Internet cafes also offer VoIP services - a controversial practice, which has led to heated complaints by GT&T, since Internet telephony is a grey area in Guyana.
I think this case has shown that the law is a grey area.
The Commission for Racial Equality said: "Some people might find it offensive some people might not - it's a grey area.
Writer Stephen Volk says: "I have always been interested in the grey area between psychology and the supernatural and today, with real-life mediums appearing on Living TV, it feels like the right time to make this drama.
Insp David Johnston of Central Scotland Police admitted: "The problem is electric scooters are a bit of a grey area in the Highway Code.
2 believes there is a grey area in the laws of the game which needs to be clarified before Hamann can be condemned.