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Fruit of Punica granatum (family Punicaceae), a reddish yellow fruit the size of a large orange, containing many seeds enclosed in a reddish acidic pulp; used in diarrhea for its astringent properties; the bark of the tree and of the root contains pelletierine and other alkaloids and has been used as a teniacide.
Synonym(s): granatum
[L. pomum, apple, + granatus, many seeded, fr. granum, grain or seed]


An essence which, in the pseudoscience of flower essence therapy, is said to enhance feminine warmth, creativity and a sense of nurturing.


n Latin name:
Punica granatum; parts used: bark, fruit, peel, roots, stem; uses: antibacterial, anthelmintic, abortifacient, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, sore throat, antimicrobial, diabetes; precautions: abortifacient, pregnancy, lactation, children, liver disease, asthma, carcinogenic, overdose can be fatal. Also called
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Currently, residents of Mayreau and the other Grenadine islands lack the capacity to effectively battle this invasion.
Float the grenadine and the Woods rum on the top - this is the `killer' part.
Put half a glass of crushed ice into a blender and add all the ingredients, except the grenadine.
Smirnoff vodka, triple sec, blue bols, lemonade/soda, grenadine
Then splash in a dash of grenadine so it sinks through the mixture to the bottom, creating the illusion of sun's rays.
Other brands in Mott's leading mixers portfolio include Rose's Lime Juice, Grenadine & Triple Sec, the Mr.
Then top with a splash of grenadine as the float - this looks great without taking much effort.
Southern Comfort, Amaretto, vodka, grenadine, pineapple juice and orange juice.
HEARTY Rhubarb gives this tasty creamy pud a lovely tang, while grenadine syrup sharpens up the fantastic pink colour even more.
5m, the agent, Grenadine Escape Ltd, encourages viewings and will make all travel and accommodation arrangements for potential buyers, including offering a complimentary private sunset cruise along the coast.
Pineapple juice, 1 3/4oz Apricot Nectar, 1 3/4oz Passion fruit juice, 1 3/4oz Papaya Juice, 1 3/4oz Grenadine, 3/4oz A slice of lime.
Staying in is definitely the new going out, according to Bols, which is adding grenadine to its 18-strong liqueur range this October aimed at home mixologists.