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A member of the subclass Gregarinia.
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As in prevalence, the gregarines strongly influenced these trends.
This trend was even more evident after discounting the gregarines (Fig.
In a trend opposite to most parasitic taxa, gregarines were not found in East-coast M.
This trend was due solely to the prevalence of gregarines in Gulf-coast oysters, however (Fig.
Like gill gregarines, some parasitic taxa were more common in Gulf oysters.
Discounting the gregarines, however, prevalence and infection intensity were significantly higher in the M.
Most similar were the trends of the gregarines and cestodes and, to a lesser extent, P.
Prevalence and infection intensity of gregarines in body tissue remained below the median, occasionally significantly so, for oysters from Delaware Bay south to Cape Lookout-Cape Fear, NC (Bays 50-51) (Figs.
Gill gregarines followed much the same geographic pattern, but with a few important nuances.
Prevalence and infection intensity of mantle gregarines were likewise similar (Figs.
For the gregarines and to a substantial degree the prokaryotic inclusions, prevalences and infection intensities fell from south to north.
Gill ciliates in large measure followed an opposing trend to the prokaryotic inclusions and the gregarines (Figs.