green food

A green food, which, according to the pseudoscience of colour therapy disinfects and rebuilds tissues
Examples Green vegetables, peas, beans, kiwi fruit, lentils

green food,

n a food mixture that includes avocado, sprouts, wheatgrass, and leafy greens.
References in classic literature ?
He never even gave me a meal of green food or a bran mash, which would have cooled me, for he was altogether as ignorant as he was conceited; and then, instead of exercise or change of food, I had to take horse balls and draughts; which, beside the nuisance of having them poured down my throat, used to make me feel ill and uncomfortable.
Then I was to have bran mashes, a little green food, and not so much corn, till my feet were well again.
At evening time Moti Guj would wash down his three hundred pounds' weight of green food with a quart of arrack, and Deesa would take a share, and sing songs between Moti Guj's legs till it was time to go to bed.
Gulzar Ahmed Buriro, told this scribe that a woman identified as Ms Rani Khatoon, of 30, wife of Nazeer Jamali was axed to death allegedly by brother-in-law with the help of his abettors over pretext of Karo-Kari when she was collecting green food for her cattle at her agricultural land, which resulting, she was killed on the spot and accused fled from place of incident.
We eat a lot of green food throughout the day, such as green Jell-0 and cabbage; adding green food coloring into the pancake batter starts the day right.
Schnabel, Pines Wheat Grass was launched as the first green food for the health food retail channel.
com/st-patricks-day-recipes-green-food-how-make-healthy-pesto-shamrock-smoothies-without-1846352) Read: Green Food Recipes For St.
Marzipan and green food colouring for the shell (optional) METHOD 1.
Patrick Zheng Shuo, general manager of the China Machinery and Electronics Products Exhibition Center (Chinamex), said: "The show will focus on Chinese green food and visitors can expect fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, dry fruits, beverages and frozen food.
Chocolate jungle jam jar INGREDIENTS (Makes 12) 150g butter, cubed 200g bar milk chocolate 50g white chocolate 3 large eggs 150g golden caster sugar 75g plain flour 25g cocoa powder 75g desiccated coconut 1 tsp green food colouring 250g pack green ready-to-roll icing 75g pack milk chocolate sticks 200g pack jelly snakes You will need 6 jam jars or Kilner jars, about 700g Method Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4.
Responding to the publication (10 July) oldie conclusions of Defra's Green Food Project Ill, WWF said that, whilst the project was an encouraging first step, the Government urgently needed to show much more leadership to fix the 'broken' food system.
Significant amounts of energy could also be saved if more energy-efficient toasters were invented, according to the Green Food Project which looks at how to produce more food at the same time as protecting the environment.